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Ultimate Charging Solution - White


When Fuelbox says they have the Ultimate Charging Solution, they're not kidding around. Their two-part system starts with a dock with charging cables built right in, freeing up outlets for other uses. A portable charger connects to the top of the dock via magnets to take a charge, letting you tote 25+ hours of extra power wherever you go. The portable charger also has Lightning and Micro-USB cables built in, freeing you of cords and giving you one less thing to keep track of.

For boost pack (top part)

  • 25+ extra hours of power(6,700 mAH)
  • Built-in Apple® Lightning charger (iPhone 5, 6, 7 models & iPad new gen)
  • Built-in Micro-USB chargers
  • Rapid charging technology (2-3x faster)
  • Built-in recharging cable so you can't lose it
  • For dock (bottom part)
  • Keep your outlets free for other appliances
  • Built-in Apple Lightning
  • Built-in Micro-USB chargers
  • USB charging port
  • Magnets for recharging the boost pack