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Namastick Original

  • Move better. Feel better. Say hello to the massage tool and muscle roller that does it all. Whether you're looking for a muscle recovery tool for after your workout, or just want a tool to soothe tired muscles, we've got you covered. This myofascial release and trigger point therapy tool is perfect for your fitness lifestyle. You can use it sitting, standing, or lying down. The Namastick isn’t JUST a roller. It’s a massage stick, a roller, and a massage ball, all in a single tool.

    Designed to move with you, the Namastick can be used to apply torque, leverage, roller, friction and pressure to give your body exactly what it needs. We recognize that all bodies are unique, and the tool allows you to intuitively customize your routine. Control the muscle group, the angle and the pressure, to get the maximum relief, to your tolerance. Handmade using high-quality hardwoods, the beautiful color of each Namastick will slightly vary due to the unique wood grains and finish. Beautiful, functional, and easy to clean