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2 Figgjo Flint Platters

The Pacific Northwest offers more than just great coffee and rain—it's also the home of discerning Modish Vintage founder Evelyn Catherine Fernandez. A native of the Philippines she has a proclivity for vintage crafts which she freely combines with timeworn artifacts and sleek mid-century designs. As varied and eclectic as any good vintage collection should be this one boasts intricate lovely tea sets elegant dinnerware original artwork and more.


Set of two porcelain serving platters made by Figgjo Turi design for Tor Viking. Features a colorful floral design in olive green, navy blue, and teal on an ivory background. These gently used vintage products are in good condition. Shows some signs of age. Large platter: L 15.5' W 10.5'. Medium platter: L 10' W 7'. Stands not included.

Country of Origin: VI
Material: Porcelain
Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.