Intro to Yoga

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  • Thinking about taking up Yoga but not sure where to begin?

    This 21 day Introduction to Yoga Course is perfect for you.

    It includes:

    • A new Yoga learning session every other day (9 25 min classes)
    • Two 30 min repeatable yoga flows - one focused on a core strength workout, the other on a cardio workout.
    • 5 deep dive videos detailing key yoga postures, they will outline correct body posture, modifications for injury and things to watch out for. 
    • 12 Healthy Recipes even I could cook. 3 options for breakfast, lunch, evening meal & 3 snack options.
    • One repeatable 10-15 minute mindfulness / meditation / relaxation session.
    • One wrist maintenance session 
    • 6 Curated Yoga Spotify Playlists
    • Unlimited access to the Your Fab Life private community, an invite only Facebook group where students will be encouraged to participate, ask questions about modifications or injuries and inspire be inspired / be held accountable by others.


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