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’70s Mikasa Dinnerware Service

Style & Salvage wants to take you on a trip down memory lane—a road that's bustling with all kinds of arcane Americana. Featuring Pepsi crates kitschy kitchen sets unusual ceramics grooved-out '70s wall hangings quaint needlework and more these pieces of preciousness will instantly transport you to a simpler time—a bygone era where your coffee cups had mushroom motifs needlepoint butterflies adorned the walls and corn on the cob was served on corn-on-the-cob-shaped platters as nature always intended.


This Mikasa set is from the Natural Beauty collection. Each features a Southern Sun pattern. Offers complete service for 6, as well as some extra pieces. Made in Japan.

Dinner plates H 1 D 10.75". Salad plates H .75" D 7.5". Soup bowls H 2" D 6.5". Bowls bold 18oz. Saucers H 1" D 6.25". Coffee cups H 3.25". Coffee cup opening D 3.25. Coffee cups hold 8oz.

This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age. One extra plate—the 7th dinner plate—has a small chip.

"Country of Origin: VI
Material: Ceramic
Care: Hand wash as needed.