Activ5 Isometric trainer Basic Package

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The Activ5 is a wireless handheld training device that uses isometrics to provide 5-minute full-body workouts. Activ5, paired with its companion app, will fully coach users and track strength, precision and other personal metrics.

Additional details:

Durable design that measures more than 200 lbs. of force.
Uniquely customizable to every users strength level.
Portable for easy access whether at home, work or traveling.
Bluetooth¨-enabled with 6-month battery life (requires 1 AAA battery)

Activ5 Companion App
The Activ5 Companion App will coach users of any age and fitness level to achieve the maximum benefits from their Activ5 with more than 100 seated, standing, and low-impact workouts.

The App personalizes workouts to each users fitness level, tracks progress, and even allows users to exercise while playing games. Available for iOS and Android.

Included With Your Order:

Coaching App & Games (iOS & Android)

Mobile Stand

Fitness Towel

Yoga Mat