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Allegra 6 Cup Red

Espresso, per favore! An iconic Italian percolator gets gussied up in the Allegra 6 Cup. Featuring the same elegant faceted silhouette as Alfonso Bialetti's original this cast aluminum rendition is drenched in a red-hot hue. It makes one doppio espresso at a time and features a heat-resistant acrylic handle and patented safety valve to facilitate regular use. And trust us it will get regular use.


Makes 6 servings of espresso (approximately 2.2 oz each) in 4-5 minutes. Do not use with an induction stove. Instructions included.

To use, just fill lower chamber with water and top filter with ground coffee. Place on the stove and heat until the water boils. Espresso will move to the upper chamber through a pressurizing process.

Country of Origin: IT
Material: Aluminum
Care: Hand wash with water only.