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Barware Set Of 7

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Modern Commissary is obsessed with heirlooms. Be it a traditionally treasured object or a castoff curiosity the shop's self-proclaimed head hunter Justin Abee is a whiz at tracking down superb mid-century relics. This collection includes glassware ashtrays board games coasters brass figurines and other exceptionally preserved pieces that provoke a nostalgic grin. So go ahead—make a tiny piece of history your own.


Fool everyone at your next get-together into thinking you're a world-class mixologist with this seven-piece barware set. Complete with a double jigger, corkscrew, ice tongs, cocktail strainer, bottle opener, bar spoon, and relish fork, the kit has never been used—and its original pamphlet titled, 'Your Guide To Successful Entertainment' is still intact. This vintage set is in mint, original condition.

Double jigger: L 4.6' W 1.5' H 1'.
Corkscrew: L 4.5' W 3.4' H 1'.
Tongs: L 5.5' W 2' H 1'.
Cocktail strainer: L 7.5' W 3.5' H 1'.
Bottle opener: L 6.6' W .5' H 5'.
Spoon: L 6.25' W 1.25' H 5'.
Fork: L 9.5' W .5' H 5'.

Country of Origin: VI
Material: Metal, Wood
Care: Hand wash as needed.