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Bright Plaid Square Tablecloth

It takes a magic touch to sift through yard sales and thrift stores to uncover items with nostalgic appeal. As the co-directors of Take 2 Vintage Robyn Witt and Joe Moore take over that task for you. Under their expertise forgotten vintage housewares are invited to shine in the spotlight. As you browse through this sale you’ll encounter specimens from a wild variety of backgrounds: a Secretarial diploma a carpenter’s tool chest a 1920s encyclopedia and more. Each piece entices you to step into thrilling new roles and time periods. The rest is up to your imagination."Serve refreshments with a side of refreshing design. This square tablecloth features bright shades of green, red, and yellow on a light gray background, a wonderful bark cloth-like texture (fabric is more likely a linen/cotton blend). Use as on tables or as a picnic blanket to provide an appetizing backdrop for your dishes. This vintage product is in mint, original condition.Country of Origin: US
Material: Linen Blend
Care: Machine wash on delicate cycle; spot treat stains.