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Cabbage Patch Kid Cups Set Of 6

If you're in search of the recipe for a retro kitchen look no further than Kings County Salvage an expert at unlocking a glimpse into simple 20th century charms. In this collection of retro kitchenware you'll find whimsical salt and pepper sets handsome cheese crates classic mason jars and cast iron skillets and more treasures. Whether you're craving cute (rooster ceramics) nostalgic (Cabbage Patch Kids glasses) or just plain wacky (tooth-shaped S&P shakers) you'll discover plenty to savor for years to come.


Have some juice with the Cabbage Patch Kits with this set of 6 glasses. Circa-1984. This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age.

Country of Origin: VI
Material: Glass
Care: Wipe with a dry cloth.