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CeramaMUG Travel Mug 2 Pack

Coffee gives you the energy to get up and go, but it's hard to fully enjoy it on the go. Traditional travel mugs of plastic or metal mess with the flavor. Enter the CeramaMUG to save you from spills and prevent scandalized taste buds. Like a superhero with a civilian disguise it looks normal on the outside—traditional stainless steel 12oz design with black graphite handle—but has a special secret inside. Its ceramic lining holds hot and cold brews with no trace of plastic or tinny metal taste. Let this lightweight wonder save you from compromise.


CeramaMUG has 12oz capacity and fits in standard cup holders. Set includes 2 travel mugs.

Country of Origin:
Material: Stainless Steel Outer And Ceramic Lining
Care: Dishwasher Safe ( Top rack only)
Finish: BPA Free Plastic Handle