Chill Infusion Carafe

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Isn't it amazing how a little fruit or some herbs can take a rather blasé drink to new heights of quaffability? The Chill Infusion Carafe from Host has a chill rod that keeps your beverage cold for hours while the magic happens. Plus the rod tends to keep your fruit slices et al. from settling at the bottom which helps the infusion along and makes your drink look all the more enticing. The removable cap's internal strainer allows you to filter out the whatnot while you pour so you're left with only the purest coolest elixir in your glass.

  • Built-in grate and gravity top filters while you pour
  • Chill rod keeps drinks cold for hours
  • Silicon grip for comfortable handling
  • Accommodates up to 25 oz (750ml)
  • Add berries citrus or herbs to wine water or tea
Material: Glass