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Classic Chrome 8 Cup

Coffee filters can absorb some of the bean's natural oils, robbing your brew of its optimal taste. The original La Cafetière Coffee Press yields a far more flavorful cup with a filter-free design still thriving after almost 50 years. It includes a removable vessel made of high quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass—the same kind they use for chemistry beakers—and a stainless steel filter and plunger. To use simply add coffee grounds and boiled water let it steep for about four minutes push down the plunger and enjoy up to eight cups of coffee…the old-fashioned way.


Includes frame, beaker, filter, and plunger. 35oz capacity. Coffee not included. Use a medium to coarse grind, so as not to clog the filter. Use 1tbsp coffee for every 6oz water. Water temperature of 195-205°F is ideal.

Country of Origin: CN
Material: Stainless Steel
Care: Hand wash.