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Colorful Masu Ichimatsu Red

Whether you use it as a cup, a bowl (for sugar maybe), or a catchall for your keys at the end of the counter, you should know the Masu Ichimatsu has a history that stretches back 1300 years. First introduced in Japan as an aid to measure foods like rice and soy sauce this storied Japanese design eventually became a measure of wealth in a society that used rice as currency. Now commonly used as a sake cup but oh-so-versatile the Masu from Ohashi Ryoki is made from premium Japanese cypress—with a scent that relaxes and refreshes—and composed with nearly no glue.


Avoid extended periods of exposure to direct sunlight and do not store product in places that are hot and humid, as it is a wood product. It is best to avoid washing in water.

Country of Origin: JP
Material: Japanese Cypress
Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.