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Corkcicle Caps White Wine Set

You're hosting a dinner party for your—ahem, 'alcohol-enthusiastic'—friends. Things are going swimmingly until Sir Tips-a-lot starts flailing about in the general direction of your open wine bottles. Enter Corkcicle Caps a BPA-free fun-full solution that seals your wine bottles shut while topping them off with a touch of flair. So the soiree can rage on your white couches can stay impossibly pristine and your delightfully silly guests are none the wiser.


3 Caps and 3 Black stoppers in each box. Box: L 3.7 W 3.5" H 5.4". Stopper: L 2.75". Stopper with topper: L 4.75".

"Country of Origin: CN
Material: Anodized Metal, TPE Plastic
Care: Hand wash.