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Craft Brews Set Of 25

You have the beer. The TV. The peanuts. The only thing you're missing is the appropriate serving glass. But no longer. With the Craft Brews Set Of 25 you can have all the pleasures of your local watering hole in your own living room. Well suited for any type of beer—from pilsner to porter—this set is designed for the keen drinker and accommodating host.


Includes four 15.25oz classic pilsners glasses, four 14.75oz porter/stout glasses, four 20oz craft pub glasses, twelve 4' paperboard coasters, and one stainless steel bottle opener. Opener dimensions: L 7.1 W 1.6'.

"Country of Origin: US
Material: Glass, Paperboard, Stainless Steel
Care: Glasses are dishwasher safe. Hand wash bottle opener.