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Empire II New York Mug II

Featuring the unmistakable image of America's most famous skyscraper, the Empire Mug is a piece of Pop decor that shows off your love of Warhol's design genius. Created by Rosenthal in partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation the mug takes its design from a portion of a photo of the Empire State Building Warhol captured just one year before his untimely death.


9oz capacity.

In 1980 Andy Warhol visited Rosenthal AG in Selb to arrange a portrait of founder Philip Rosenthal. Warhol was inspired by his visit to Rosenthal, especially by the atmosphere in Erkersreuth Castle. Based upon Polaroid shots taken in Selb, a later portrait of Philip Rosenthal was created in Warhol's New York 'Factory' Studio.

Country of Origin: DE
Material: Porcelain
Care: Hand wash.
Finish: Glazed