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Kate Zaremba Company

Flora Fauna Wall Decal


Genus: Wallpaper. Species: Kate Zaremba. No two wallpapers are ever alike especially when it comes to the chic designs of Kate Zaremba. Thanks to the hot-to-trot designer now you can vegetate inside your abode with the Flora and Fauna Wall Decal from this darling Washington D.C. based brand. Lush and vibrant add this thoughtful flourish to make your space the capital of cool.

  • Seamless repeat: you can match these up for a seamless, full-on feature wall or wallpaper
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions
  • Easy to install (just peel and stick!)

Country of Origin: US
Material: FSC Certified, PVC Free, Peel and Stick Decal Paper
Care: Gently clean with warm water and soap

Size: 2’x4’