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Funky Vinyl Coaster Set

Brew up a rousing tea party worthy of Earl Grey himself. Leave it to Vintage Junkys to deliver all the classically beautiful vintage accents you need to steep your event in history and pay homage to a delightful tradition. Dress your table with Arthur Wood teapots and other classic pieces—and dress yourself in exquisite white gloves sequined hats and aprons. When every detail fits your fancy to a 'tea' all that's left is to do is sit back and answer the age-old question: One lump of sugar or two?


Set of 8 coasters in their original packaging. Scalloped edges adorn these round blue, white, and green-flowered coasters, infusing your iced teas and lemonades with sunshiny personality. This vintage product is in mint, original condition.

Country of Origin: US
Material: Vinyl
Care: Hand wash.