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Glacier Ball 2 Pack

Invented by avid scotch sippers, Glacier Ball overcomes drink dilution. This silicone mold produces a long-lasting 2.5' sphere of ice—more volume and less surface area than any other ice form meaning it melts more slowly to keep your drink cold and potent. Simply fill the form with water and squeeze out excess to avoid expansion during freezing. Stick it in the freezer and when happy hour rolls around peel off both sides of the flexible mold. Slip the smooth seamless ice ball into your favorite spirit and let the sipping swirling and savoring begin.


Includes 2 silicone ice molds. Diameter 2.75'. Yields 2.5' diameter ice ball. Flexible silicone freezes evenly and allows for easy removal. BPA-free. Tips: Leave extra space when filling mold to create flat, stable surface at the bottom of the ball. To avoid separation, ensure that ball is dry and that there is no water between halves. When frozen, peel off each silicone half and insert into drink with tongs. To avoid cracking, do not pour drink over ball.

Country of Origin: CN
Material: Silicone
Care: Dishwasher safe.