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Hand-Painted Sake Set 5Pc

Welcome aboard the Style & Salvage train. Today's route takes us on a tour of Japan as we peer into this country's traditions with an impressive collection of deadstock vintage porcelain tableware and artwork. Still in pristine condition these goods have traveled gracefully through time to grace your table. Complete with hand-painted illustrations of bamboo fans peacocks and rickshaws each piece will inspire you to host your very own authentic tea—or sake—ceremony. Kampai!


This hand-painted sake set includes 2 carafes, 2 cups, and a snack dish. 18K gold leaf details on the front. Each sake vessel: H 5' Diameter 3'; 6 oz. capacity. Each drinking cup: H 1.25' Diameter 2.75'; 1 oz. capacity. Dish: H 1.75' Diameter 3.25'. This vintage product is in mint, original condition. Deadstock vintage. This item is at least 40 years old and had never been out of its original shipping crate until photographed for this sale.

Country of Origin: VI
Material: Ceramic
Care: Hand wash.
Finish: High Gloss Glaze