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Handmade Kilim Table Runner IV

Each of the treasures at Rug & Relic tells a story—of the artists who designed them and the artisans who made them of where they come from and where they're going. Kilims are perhaps best described as the folk art of Turkey and each tribal or regional group has its own way of interpreting the symbols and motifs they contain. Part of the Yeni Kilim collection this hand-woven Kilim table runner was designed by Rug & Relic's friend Attila and woven by one of the 17 women who bring his designs to life on their looms in a Turkish mountaintop village of some 60 homes.


Hand-woven with hand-spun wool and colored with vegetal dyes. This product is brand-new. Its unique, contemporary design and construction is inspired by past vintage designs.

Country of Origin: TR
Material: Hand-Spun Wool
Care: Spot clean with soap and water.