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Insulated Mug With Sleeve

Remember how well those insulated glass thermoses worked, the kind that you had as a kid and inevitably dropped, hearing the glass break inside? Qwetch's Insulated Mug functions in just as efficient a way but without the fragility of glass. Made from food-safe BPA-free stainless steel this vacuum-sealed double-walled design can keep your coffee hot or cold for up to seven hours and includes a neoprene sleeve that makes your Qwetch even easier to tote.


5.4oz capacity. For best results with hot liquids, preheat your insulated mug with boiling water for five minutes. Not intended for use with carbonated liquids. Pressure build-up can cause leaks or spills.

Country of Origin: CN
Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Care: Hand wash only.
Finish: Matte