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PyroPet Candle Company

Kisa Cat Skeleton Candle


Beneath her elegant exterior, Kisa shelters something far more sinister. Inspired by the often dueling personalities of our feline friends, designer Thorunn Arnadottir marries the cute and cuddly nature of cats to their longtime affiliation with witchcraft and the occult. Simply light the wick to watch Kisa shed her waxy physique to reveal the metal skeleton lurking just below the surface.


Designer: Thorunn Arnadottir
Care: Place on a heat resistant plate with a minimum diameter of 10 inches.
Brand: PyroPet
Material:Parafin  Wax, Aluminum
Color: Pink
Measurements: L 4.50” W 3” H 6.50”
Weight: 1.26 lbs