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Leaf Nature Activity Tracker

We like to think of the Limited Edition Rose Gold Leaf as the smartest piece of jewelry you'll ever wear not only does it look great it also tracks your breathing sleep and ovulation cycles stress and physical activity. No biggie. This bit of wearable tech was built to help you achieve more by providing you with insights about your body and by extension mind. Pretty much the most personalized health tracker around it monitors everything you do; you can choose to wear it as a clip or necklace. This is where tech meets fashion and you emerge beautifully victorious.

Track the following categories:

  • BREATHING + STRESS: The Leaf tracks your breathing and helps monitor and reduce stress levels
  • SLEEP: Log the amount and quality of sleep you get with tips on how to rest better
  • MONTHLY CYCLES: Track your period and ovulation cycles
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Monitor your movements and optimize your everyday activity
  • SMART ALARM: The Leaf will wake you up when you've had the optimal amount of sleep or you can set customized activity alerts


  • Made out of real American wood
  • Requires installation of the Leaf App
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • No charging 6 month replaceable battery life
  • Comes with a rose gold-plated chain necklace leather bracelet and battery replacement tool