Leaf Spring

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  • Are you drinking enough water?

    No more wondering. No more headaches caused by dehydration.

    Spring is a smart water bottle that calculates your hydration goals based on your body’s needs, logs your water intake and reminds you to drink regularly. There is no one-size-fits-all in health or in hydration. That’s why our Spring water bottle with smart algorithms recognises your drinking habits and takes into account your physique and lifestyle to calculate your long-term hydration goal, guiding you towards it step by step.

    Yes. This water bottle is SMART.

    • Tailored Goal
    • Drinking Reminders
    • Hydration Tracking
    • No Charging
    • Wireless Sync
    • Secure Data Backup

Spring calculates exactly how much water you need based on your lifestyle.. Sip towards your goal as Spring measures how much you drink, shake left-to-right to sync your data to the Bellabeat app, and get a snapshot of your progress. Form a healthy hydration habit in no time.