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Leaf Urban Activity Tracker


The LEAF Urban Activity Tracker just gets you. It tracks your steps it knows how you sleep and how you like to wake up. It even knows your reproductive cycle and can lead you through a meditation cycle. In other words it helps you live right and be your best self. Not bad even for smart jewelry.

  • Understands your reproductive cycle Monitors your sleep quantity and quality
  • No charging ­- powered by a replaceable battery
  • Tracks your steps distance moved and calories burned
  • Made with sustainable materials water resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Vibrating reminders let you know when it's time to wake up or get moving
  • Monitors your stress level and helps you relax through guided meditation & breathing exercises
  • Compatibility: iPhone 4s and newer iPad Mini and newer iPad 3rd Gen. and newer models. Android 4.3 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0. In the box: • Leaf Urban • Necklace • Double Wrap Bracelet • Battery & Clip Replacement Tool • Replacement Screws • User Manual