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Merit Patch Complete Set Of 16

Nothing says “You betta recognize” better than iron-on merit patches that celebrate your achievements in this rough-and-tumble world. This 16-piece set of embroidered awards tells the world of your predilection for succeeding at practically everything\ ever. Everyone who gazes upon them will be impressed. Scout’s honor.


16 individually packaged\, 1.5” diameter patches.

Designs include:
Big Dipper: for dreaming big.
Eff Work: for going anyway.
Happiness: serotonin molecule\, for finding happiness.
Hypnotist: for superior powers of persuasion.
Illusionist: for being good with your hands.
Inkblot: for facing your inner demons.
Keep on Truckin': for powering through life's sticky situations.
Love: dopamine molecule\, for believing in love.
Optimism: for believing the glass is half full.
Sprout: for growing from adversity.
Sugar Skull: for celebrating life.
Surrealist: for thinking outside the suit.
Survival: for getting out from behind the eight ball.
The Heart: for giving a shit.
Voodoo Doll: for using your powers for good\, not evil.
Zen Stones: for living a life of balance.

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