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Mini Air Plant Pod & Succulent

Monica and James, the husband and wife duo behind Sea and Asters call air plants and succulents "natural sculptures"; we like to think of their mini planters as perfect pedestals. Set a slip of tillandsias or a bit of cactus in this sweet sphere. Bold colors and patterns make the planter an eye-catching addition to desk nightstands and or any other surface that needs a little excitement.

  • Set includes 1 Birch wood pod and 1 air plant
  • Hand-painted
  • These natural vessels make great displays for air plants or soil based plants.
  • Planting hole is approximately 1 3/4 deep by 2" wide
  • Air Plant Care: Air Plants need bright indirect light and water once or twice a week
  • Detailed care instructions will be included with each purchase
  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail within the Continental United States
Country of Origin: US
Material: Birch Wood, Paint, Mini Air Plant
Care: Place near bright, indirect light and water once a week.