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RS Barcelona

MON ONCLE Portable BBQ Blue


Spanish design house RS Barcelona has a knack for taking everyday objects and reinterpreting them in exciting (yet functional) new ways. Take the Mon Oncle Portable Grill, for instance: what looks like a chipper vintage briefcase actually contains a tiny yet mighty grill, perfect to bring along for beach BBQs and parties in the park. Sleek and rather good-looking, it's easy to clean, comes with a colorful paint job, perforated holes to allow for optimal airflow and heat generation, and a pair of leather straps to buckle it all in once you're done.

Recommended for use with coconut-shell ecological charcoal for it's environmental benefits, but regular charcoal may also be used.

Care: Wipe clean.
Brand: RS Barcelona
Material: stainless steel, polyester paint, leather, fabric
Origin: Spain
Color: Blue, Brown
 Measurements: L 17.40” W 12.60” H 4.74”