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Joseph Joseph Inc

Nest 9 Plus


When you're ready to wow your friends with your mad baking skills, you want to get to the wow part as quickly as possible. You don't need to be on all fours digging into the innermost depths of your cabinets for a mixing bowl or reaching elbow-deep into a drawer for a lost measuring cup. Joseph Joseph's Nest 9 Plus is a set of measuring cups mixing bowls sieve and colander everything you need to whip up any culinary delight. The pieces all nest ingeniously one inside the other saving you space and keeping all your wonder-working tools within easy reach.

  • Wide carry handles and non-slip bases on mixing bowls provide a safe handling and stirring
  • Measuring cups snap together securely
  • Set includes:1/6-cup measuring cup 1/4-cup measuring cup 1/3-cup measuring cup 1/2-cup measuring cup 1-cup measuring cup 17-oz. mixing bowl with measurements & pour spout 1.74-qt. sieve 3.2-qt. colander 4.9-qt. mixing bowl
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measurements: 10.5' L 12.5' W 5.75' H
Country of Origin: CN
Material: Polypropylene, TPR, Stainless Steel
Care: Dishwasher safe.