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Nokka Oil & Vinegar Set

Just over a decade old, Tonfisk has already established itself as a frontrunner of Finnish design. Its products say founders Tony Alfström and Brian Keaney strive to embody the understated spirit of the Scandinavian aesthetic while avoiding the pitfalls of utilitarian monotony. Elegant and sculptural in form the pieces in the Nokka Oil & Vinegar Set were carefully designed with concentrated spouts to prevent dripping. The set includes a serving tray for a complete table display.


Oil bottle: 11.6 oz. Vinegar 6.6 oz. Oil bottle: H 9.8 Diameter 2.8". Vinegar bottle: H 7.3" Diameter 2.8". Bottles include cork stoppers. Tray: H 0.6" L 4.3" W 5.98".

"Country of Origin: FI
Material: Ceramic, Walnut
Care: Dispensers are dishwasher safe. Wipe tray and cork with a damp cloth.