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Porter/Stout Set of 4

Better stock up on beer nuts. The Porter/Stout Glass brings the pleasures of your local pub right to your own living room. Its bulbous shape emphasizes the deep rich hue of dark ales while the pedestal base feels comfortable in hand and elevates your beloved brew. Produced by Libbey—a trusted American glassware manufacturer since 1818—this set of four glasses will delight both the keen drinker and accommodating host.


Includes four 14.75oz clear beer glasses. Clear pedestal base.

Though founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1818 as The New England Glass Company, Libbey relocated to Northwest Ohio in the late 1800s to harness the region's natural resources. This commitment to innovation and evolution has allowed the company to remain a leading name in glassware to this day.

Country of Origin: US
Material: Glass
Care: Dishwasher safe.