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Postcup‚Ñ¢ Coffee Mug

Write a letter that will last on the Postcup Coffee Mug. Designed with a graphic that makes the exterior look like a wrap-around post card this mug allows you to pen your very own personalized mug message.


14-ounce capacity. Before use, clean Postcup with soap and water or wipe with lint free cloth and alcohol. Apply art with included Pebeo porcelain pen. Allow to dry for 24 hours after application, then bake in oven for 35 minutes at 300ºF. Porcelain paint will set permanently once baked. Avoid abrasives when washing. You may erase the paint prior to baking using rubbing alcohol. Ready to give as a gift or enjoy for yourself, each Postcup is packaged in a refined Kraft box.

Country of Origin: US
Material: Porcelain
Care: Microwave safe, hand wash. Avoid abrasive cleansers or scrubbing.
Finish: Clear, Food Safe Glaze