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Revolution Champagne Flute Set

Raise a glass to minimalist innovation. Designed for use from either end (one for a toast, the other for a full glass), the Revolution Champagne Flutes give the illusion of your bubbly suspended in mid-air. This set was handcrafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers through a pure extrusion of handblown borosilicate glass and is now featured in the Art Institute of Chicago's permanent collection. With a high degree of thermal resistance (from the microwave to the freezer) this is a revolutionary drinking vessel.


Set includes 2 double-ended flutes. Short end capacity: 3.5 fl. oz. Tall end capacity: 7.5 fl. oz. Oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe. Emmy Rossum talks about why she loves this product on our blog.

Since her early architecture days Felicia Ferrone has aimed to blur the boundaries of design. Her international practice encompasses interior architecture exhibit design furniture package design and home accessories. This award-winning glassware is a permanent fixture at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Michelin-starred restaurants of Thomas Keller.

"Country of Origin: CZ
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Care: Dishwasher safe.