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Silverplate Iced Tea Spoons 12pc

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Compelled to resuscitate vintage artifacts, Sarah Polsterputs her Master’s degree in historic preservation to good use at cushionchicago. The company has a keen eye for design that endures—be that a colorful swatch of modern fabric or a rare set of early-20th-century books—and the savvy to introduce it into a contemporary context. Her collection of revived vintage treasures is transformative not just for the objects themselves but also for the way that we view them."

Very cool and hard-to-find set of 12 tall iced tea spoons. Great patina. Very substantial weight to the hand, indicating good quality. Marked Victor S. Co. A1+ Overlay" with "I" and "S" stamps. Made by International Silver # 433387 Cortland pattern. This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age. As-found patina. Most pieces left unpolished with lovely tarnished surface.

"Country of Origin: US
Material: Silverplate, Metal
Care: Polish with a soft cloth.