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Star Marquee Light

Looking to add some inspiration to your lighting? Vintage Marquee Lights has you covered from A to Z. Designed by Jerrad Green, this retro marquee letter light catches the eye on its own, and also hangs happily with other letters to form initials, a message, or a beautifully random jumble. Handcrafted from rusty metal, each piece has the look and feel of a vintage piece while carrying the quality of brand-new lighting. Whether leaning against a wall or hung up high, this ruddy-hued work of art illuminates any space it touches.


7-watt lightbulbs included. 14" cord. Use brackets on back to hang. Secondary images show lighting and wiring of Vintage Marquee Lights only, and may not reflect this item's particular style. This product is brand-new. Its unique, contemporary design and construction are inspired by past vintage designs. Color will vary due to natural variations in the rusting process.

Designer: Jerrad Green
Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.
Brand: Vintage Marquee Lights
Finish: Rust
Material: Steel
Lightbulb: 7-watt Lightbulbs (Included)
Color: Rust
Measurements: H 24” W 24” D 4”
Weight: 13 lbs