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Tea Keattle Blue

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Enamelware has been around for ages and has been used in households since the early 1800s. That’s no accident—made from steel with a baked-on porcelain finish this cookware has the looks of fine chinayet is versatile and virtually shatterproof. Crow Canyon fosters this tradition with fresh designs and the highest food safety standards. Suitable for use on the stovetop or as a serving piece this tea kettlewill soon become a staple at the breakfast table."Capacity: 12 cups.

Crow Canyon enamelware can be safely used on the electric or gas stovetops, in the oven, or on outdoor grills and barbecues. Not microwave safe. Meets all FDA and California Prop 65 food safety requirements. Shatterproof. Dishwasher safe. To keep your enamelware in prime condition, do not use abrasive cleansers or hard water spot removers on its surface.Country of Origin: CN
Material: Enamelware