TestDrop Pro

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  • Meet the TestDrop Pro, the future of water testing. Worried about the water in your home? Don’t trust your filter? Planning a vacation or camping trip? Now you can test before you drink.

    With the TestDrop Pro you can test any kind of water in real time and get instant results; a red light for contaminated water and a blue light for water with no detectable contaminants. The test takes two seconds from start to finish and detects over 20 of the most common water contaminants including lead and E. coli. You can also connect to the companion App to check your water score and review your testing history.

    Weighing less than an ounce, the TestDrop Pro is small enough to fit right on your keychain so you’ll always have it with you. The battery is reusable for about two thousand tests and the sensor never touches the water so you can drink the exact water you tested.