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Trigg Wall Vessels Set Of 3

Diamonds don 't have to be your best friend for you to love Moe Takemura 's Trigg wall vessel for Umbra, but if they are, so much the better! The sharp geometry of the copper frame makes an elegant contrast to any plant you might pot in the concrete resin vessel. But maybe versatility is your BFF, in which case the Trigg also makes a great place to keep keys and change, anything you need handy. This trio of Triggs (two small, one large) makes a powerful statement in close formation or can be spread throughout your room to unify the decor.


  • Set includes 2 small and 1 large Trigg vessels
  • Large vessel measures 9x3 3/4 x 15"
  • Small vessels measure 4 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 7 1/4" each
Designer: Moé Takemura
Brand: Umbra
Material: Concrete Resin, Ceramic 
Color: Gray, Copper
Weight: 2 lbs