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Warm Teapot Small White

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Just over a decade old, Tonfisk has already established itself as a frontrunner of Finnish design. Its products say founders Tony Alfström and Brian Keaney strive to embody the understated spirit of the Scandinavian aesthetic while avoiding the pitfalls of utilitarian monotony. Having earned 'mini classic' statussince its launch in 1998 this porcelain teapot does just that. A laminated walnut sleeve softens its crisp lines and clean proportions and serves as both a handle and an insulator for hot drinks. A cork topper adds an additional rustic touch.


Holds 2-3 cups (20 oz.). Includes stainless steel tea strainer. Will not dribble when poured. Cork is real and comes from Portugal.

Care: Remove wood sleeves before washing cups. Ceramic part is dishwasher safe. Wood sleeve is water resistant in normal use. Prolonged exposure to water should be avoided. Wood surface can be re-oiled over time. Wipe wood with a damp sponge to clean.

Country of Origin: FI
Material: Ceramic, Walnut